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Hey darlings- I’m not really in a happy/excited/positive place right now, a few of my family members passed. I’ll try to have the mini-hiatus over for early July. xo, Ella

All the fun squishy not-actually-for-insertion toys! 
(I mean…the lobster you can use as such, but for me it’s a decor piece first)

All the fun squishy not-actually-for-insertion toys!
(I mean…the lobster you can use as such, but for me it’s a decor piece first)

First match up since my nails got hella short >.>

Toy: Orc
Colors: Tart, Heidi, and Jacqueline by Zoya and lofes’ 521 

leenoo replied to your post: That’s strange. Any toy I’ve actually been able to find on Amazon has been drastically cheaper, down to even around half the price of dedicated sex toy sites. Can you give any examples of toys that are more expensive on Amazon?

Sure, I’ll go with two Tantus ones since they just started their June 25% off pride sale (“takepride”) and I’ve been meaning to mention it X)
-Delta: $11.25 vs. $52.50
-G-Spot: $19 vs $39.89

So I had done company searches rather than item ones originally, which my bad, since waaaay more resellers are apparently selling toys on Amazon now rather than when I was an undergrad and using Amazon regularly. >.> There are still some toys, usually those that few sellers have, that are cheaper off Amazon. Some are around the same price- like BD’s cum lube and the Eroscilator series, where a sale makes the difference. But more popular models, and especially older ones, can be found cheaper.

Anonymous said: I dont really have a way to buy anything online, besides amazon. Do they disxreetly ship toys, and if they do, are the toys safe/of good quality/worth it??

For anyone who hasn’t checked out Amazon’s selection, they have over 200,000 items listed as sex toys. Now a ton of these are porous crap and belong no where near anyone’s genitals. Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend buying from a manufacturer you haven’t heard of before via Amazon without doing quite a bit of research. However, you can also find third parties carrying safe and well known brands like Fun Factory, Tantus, Spareparts, RodeoH, and Sportsheets.

Make sure that the toy is labeled as by the company that originally made it, don’t just go by the picture. I’m not sure if this is still happening, but a few years back there were issues with cheap knock-offs on Amazon. For shipping, if it’s sold by Amazon it’ll be in their basic brown box. If it’s by a reseller, check their policy and people’s reviews of them.

Price wise, I tend to find them slightly higher than buying directly. Part of this is due to sales being more probable elsewhere. they tend to be cheaper for popular models. End point being- if Amazon’s your only option, you can definitely make it work, just be sure to double check everything before ordering. Good luck!

My pretties from DA came in!

MiniChubbs, snail, and a little prezzie- if you’re considering the minichubbs, this gorgeous one is still in stock. ^.^

Anonymous said: So is there any not-totally-gross way to, say, gift a used vibrator to someone you're not intimate/fluid bonded with?

Hey nonny! The short answer is yes assuming: a) the toy can be disinfected and b) the giftee is cool with it.

For the first point, the toy has to be nonporous. Pure silicone, hard plastic, glass, metal, ceramic all work. For vibrators specifically since they can’t be boiled, you have to be more careful that any and all seams are cleaned, a cheap toothbrush will help. For the second point, this is naturally more subjective and based on your friendship with the other person. Personally I wouldn’t gift a used toy to a friend without having asked them directly if they’re cool with that. (and also probably the type of toy that it is) Regardless of cleanliness, some people just don’t do secondhand toys, and gifting them one is very much not cool, and easy enough to avoid. (I’m also assuming this is an informal gift, rather than like a holiday present…?) As long as the toy has been disinfected and your friend isn’t squicked out by secondhand toys, I’d just hand it over in its box/travel bag. ^.^

Some quick thoughts on the 7”x1-5/8” dildo since there are still some in stock at the reduced rate (message rodeoh about this if interested) after the jump!

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Anonymous said: Is the silicone testing just for the 7" x 1-5/8 or also for the 5 -1/4" x 1-9/16"?

As far as I know it’s just for the 7x1-5/8, but you should ask them if interested!